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Berry Bliss

Our So…? Unique Berry Bliss Body Mist 150ml features a burst of fruity red berry notes with sweet violet and vanilla to boost your mood.

  1. #Pick two or more scents
  2. Spritz them on the same patch on your skin
  3. Try different mixes to find the one that is Unique to you!

We recommend: BERRY BLISS + FRESH ZEST VANILLA CANDY. The perfect fragrance for date nights! 


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So...? Unique is an innovative range of body perfumes, developed for a trendy and modern clientele, who are looking for a personalised product that reflects their image.

Each fragrance in the range uses base notes that can be worn alone or blended to create a plethora of personal and unique fragrance blends.

How do you mix and match your So...? fragrance?

Unique: Choose your favourite fragrance and spray.

Choose your extra scents and spray.

Enjoy your custom fragrance!

MIX 1 Vanilla Candy: 2 sprays, Fresh Zest: 1 spray, Berry Bliss: 1 spray

MIX 2 Sweet Amber: 2 spray, Romantic Bloom: 1 spray, Vanilla Candy: 1 spray

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